Welcome to the Charles River Mill District

Thanks to everyone who attended our May kickoff event for the Charles River Mill District. Watch for more news about this collaboration and announcements about upcoming events here. Also read more about the CRMD from the Boston Globe and here and in the Newton TAB.

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Located at the intersection of Newton, Watertown and Waltham, the Charles River Mill District includes 2.6 million square feet of office, technology, manufacturing and industrial space, including eight renovated mill buildings. The district also includes a variety of restaurants, pubs, independently-owned shops and upwards of 1,000 recently built multi-family residential units.

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The Charles River Mill District is already home to dozens of innovation economy sector businesses, start-ups and two co-working spaces. We believe that with the right marketing and promotion, CRMD is poised to enjoy more growth and become a vital economic engine for our region, providing new jobs and tax revenue for our municipalities and a home for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

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The Charles River Mill District is a public-private partnership between the Newton-Needham Chamber, The Watertown-Belmont Chamber, the City of Newton, the City of Watertown, the City of Waltham and local businesses and property owners in and around the District. Our objective is to collaborate and advocate for infrastructure and regional transit improvements and on the overall marketing and promotion of the District.

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